Keg Cooler Spray Mist System

Automatic Spray Mist System. 120 VAC to plug into M7/M8 coolant outlet.

Spray Mist Keg Cooler. Comes with 120 VAC air shutoff, air regulator, on/off switch, keg mounting bracket, spray nozzle mounting bracket, mounting hardware and keg. 

Supply shop air and an electrical outlet and you have an automatic spray mist system for your mill or lathe.  
You can turn it on and off with the power switch or leave the switch on and use the coolant function on your CNC machine.
Air and fluid hose length: 5 feet
Power cord length: 5 feet
Air Inlet: 1/4" NPT, comes with quick connect fitting
Works with Kool Mist, Trico fluid.